The idea of SIR ACADEMY was created in 2014 in Belgrade for the first time as a cultural center; and in Adramyyteion (Edremit Korfezi, Oren) commenced as a library with a special collection of books and materials collected from all over the Europe in 2018.

SIR Academy has been the pioneer of a unique cultural flows in Turkey (especially in Edremit Gulf) by merging the all branches of Art and Philosophy of Science with the thought style based in Philosophical and Scientific way which is converted to the life style and also presented by different kind of seminars about the topics of Culture, Technology, Literature, Education, Science, Art, Philosophy.

ACADEMY, which has new and creative projects in connection with CERN, and which is sensible with nature and environment, and also conserving the heritage of the ancient city by contributing the studies on branding of the region has taken a step with the new brand, SU Publishing Co. in 2019 !

For Art & Beauty, for the people who research and think deeply, SIR & SU will continue with its mission that targets the innovative future for all over the world! FIRST Philosophy of Science Symposium of Turkiye : 1.SIR Academy Bilim Felsefesi Gunleri

2014 te temeli Belgrad da atilan SIR ACADEMY, bir kultur merkezi olarak planlanmis ve Avrupa dan toplanmis ozel koleksiyonu ile kutuphane olarak 2018 yilinda Adramyyteion da hayata gecmistir. (Edremit Korfezi, Oren)

Bilim Felsefesinin temel alindigi dusunce stilini, sanatin tum dallari ve bilim ile birlestirerek yasam felsefesine donusturen ve bunu farkli `seminerler` ile sunan, Turkiye de benzersiz bir kultur akiminin oncusu olmustur.

CERN ile baglantili yeni&yaratici projelerini; doga ve cevreye duyarli, bulundugu antik kentin mirasina sahip cikan ve bu konuda bolgenin markalasmasina dair calismalar da yapan Akademi, yayinevi ayaginda da `SU Publishing` markasi ile 2019 yilinda bir adim daha atmistir!

Turkiye de arastiran, dusunen okuyan insanlar icin, sanat ve guzellik icin, SIR & SU -gelecegi hedef alan- misyonuna devam edecektir. FIRST Philosophy of Science Symposium of Turkiye : 1.SIR Academy Bilim Felsefesi Gunleri